Value Objectivity In Counseling

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Value Objectivity
Erin Potts
Grand Canyon University
Professor Foley PCN-505-0500
October 5, 2016

Value Objectivity We all have distinct values which pertain to our own beliefs and viewpoints that direct our everyday life, these distinctions fundamentally help determine an individual’s behavior. Values and ethics are an essential part of the counseling profession. When it comes to working within the guidelines and standards of the American Counseling Association (ACA) or The Association of Addiction Counseling (NAADAC). Counselors following the specifications of these ethical guidelines will not only help to protect the counselor, but it ensures no harm be brought towards the client. With that regard, it is the counselor’s responsibility
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Values Objectivity is a very important method to providing a professional and ethical relationship with the client. It is a vital part of practicing counseling. This is in part due to the fact that the counselor can and will at times experience difference values then that of the client; however, the counselor ought to respect the client’s rights to their own value system; just as they would want someone to respect their value system. The Counselor must work within the ethical guidelines and apply positive steps to guarantee the counselor refrains from expressing their own values on the …show more content…
With any of these issues the client is seeking support with whatever they may be dealing with at that moment in time. A counselor must act accordingly towards the client and their belief system. For example, if a teenage girl goes to see a counselor due to being depressed for reason that pertain to family drama, yet later tells the counselor that she is sexually active and does not use protection. Now this in an of itself does not seem too overwhelming for a counselor to handle but what if that same girl opens up to the fact that she is pregnant and has decided on having an

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