Value Based Leadership and Spirituality in the Workplace Essay

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A local company is also used as a case study, showing the merit of a powerful integration of values, spirituality and leadership.
As is mentioned above, the most important part of this paper is to clarify the terms “value-based leadership” and “workplace spirituality” in component form. It is of utmost importance that the reader achieves conceptual clarity regarding the intricacies of, and linkages between the terms, in order to understand the value of these concepts in organisational leadership.
2.1 Leadership
It is first important to understand what leadership entails, in order to understand its importance in the organisational context, as well as the leader’s role in the value-based and spirituality theories.
The fundamental definition of a leader is someone who has to take charge, and influence people towards a specific goal or some form of action or change. This means that the leader will have to be able to exert power over followers in overt and covert ways, which in turn requires an understanding of the motivation(s) of his/her followers (Fry 2003; Prilleltensky, 2000; Yukl, 2010). This paper naturally argues that this also includes an understanding of spirituality and values, due to its deterministic relationship with follower behaviour, as described below.
2.2 Values
Values are the essence of who we are as human beings. They influence every decision we make; even

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