Valley High School ( Vhs ) Essay

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Valley High School (VHS) in West Des Moines, Iowa is one of the biggest and most successful schools in Iowa. Valley offers a large range of academic courses, a dominating athletics program, a strong arts department, and a long list of activities for its students. However, recently, deep racial disparities have been uncovered as a result of race related fights at the school which led into school shooting threats. Valley asked an Iowa State team to conduct a study to help empiricize the racism, and the findings support that individual and institutionalized racism are prominent, causing different high school experiences for students of color (District Action Plan).
The data results of the Iowa State equity report speak for themselves, regardless of white students and staff objections. The report found that at VHS 1 of every 4 students is a person of color, yet only 1 of every 25 staff members are of color. VHS African American, Hispanic, multiracial, and native Americans students are more likely to be labeled as special needs, more likely to be labeled “at risk”, more likely to be suspended, and less likely to be labeled as gifted. (Salisbury)
Systemic racism can be traced to individual racism, a result of bias existing in humans. Individual racism is argued to be a result of many different factors, but it is clear that it is ignorance and non acceptance of differences.The bias of the staff, the curriculum, and other discriminatory policies in place in the school and on the…

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