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Valerian: Luc Besson’s hero drives a Lexus

A younger generation raised after Star Wars might think, when looking at Valerian, the film, that it borrowed many ideas from George Lucas blockbuster, but the reality is different: Valerian inspired Star Wars.
Valerian, the film, picks the comic series from 1967 and mixes it with a promise of the future: the Skyjet vehicle designed by Lexus for a world set 700 years in the future.
The first trailer from Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, revealed last November, gave viewers a glimpse of the Skyjet, a single-seat pursuit craft featured in the film. The vehicle is the result of a cooperative work between the team behind Valerian and Lexus, challenged to create a vehicle grounded on reality but existing in the future universe of Valerian.
The creative team met with Lexus' Chief Engineer, Takeaki Kato and the Lexus design team, to discuss incorporating believable, imaginative technologies and contemporary design cues into the final iteration of the Skyjet. The result is a craft the being futuristic includes an adapted interpretation of Lexus' signature "spindle" grille, and a similar headlight design to that
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Metal Hurlant, a comics magazine launched in France in 1975 was renamed and launched in the United States in April 1977 as a monthly magazine, Heavy Metal. The artists published in the magazine included names as Jean Giraud (a.k.a. Moebius), Philippe Druillet or Enki Bilal. Although the first Valerian and Laureline album translated to English was Ambassador of Shadows, published in Heavy Metal in 1981, it’s only natural that Heavy Metal, which is still published today in the United States, attracted the attention of a whole generation of artists when it was launched, and made French and Belgian comics and European comics in general even more popular with a generation after new

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