Valentine's Day: A Short Story

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By the shop window, they could see the street, some cars passing by and the natural morning fuss with the two florists of that particular street having the biggest attendance they probably had in months. Like Castiel predicted, there was no rain, and, besides the chilly air, it was a lovely day with the sun peering through the tallest buildings and through some lonely white clouds that were almost holding the sky.
Dean was tapping the table absently looking at Cas and Castiel was glaring at the decorations, either deciding if he liked them or not. 'So much red. ' He thought annoyed. He liked Valentine 's Day, but the red decoration was kind of too much. Was it really necessary to turn such a beautiful day into something so extravagant? He
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So it was an even more special day for them. Of course, Dean would also want to celebrate it at its correct day, but who wants a better day than the Valentine’s to show your other half how much you love them? Unfortunately, Dean wasn’t really the romantic type, well, not exactly, maybe because he never really needed to be one, also because he never dated that long, but, well, he could always try. And to celebrate that day, Dean decided to take his boyfriend on a different romantic date.
They sat on the grass, waiting for the rest of the group to arrive. Dean had invited Jo, Joshua, Gabriel, Kevin, Ash, Garth, Anna, Pamela, Sam and Jess to meet them at the park and, with that, spend the day together. Yes, they were a lot of time together at school, but never all of them together. And besides, they were by their side when no one else was, and most of them were also dating, so it was like a double-date. Except it would be with four couples instead of two.
Maybe it wasn 't the kind of date Castiel was expecting, but he was happy to spend a day off school with his closest friends. And either way, Dean 's idea was to start with a small picnic at the park with everyone, then go to the cinema and then some alone time with Cas at the roof they both

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