Essay on Vaccines : The Importance Of Giving Parents The Full Story

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Vaccines: The Importance of Giving Parents the Full Story Vaccines have in recent years become quite a controversial subject. Parents who are trying to decide whether to vaccinate their children find themselves bombarded with information some of it valid, and reliable, but a lot of it false or heavily biased. They find horror stories of infants and children who have seizures and/or permanent brain damage as a result of a vaccine. Sources that support immunization refuse to acknowledge the dangers of the vaccines & those that don’t often fail to reveal the rarity of extreme negative reactions, or acknowledge the true dangers of the diseases the vaccines protect against. It is nearly impossible to find a reliable source that accurately explores both sides of the issue, and the fact that the government appears to dismissing concerns instead of investigating them doesn’t help already conflicted parents. In addition to the risk of learning disorders & brain damage, Many psychological themes also affect parents decisions regarding the vaccinations. The roles of social psychology on the decision making process should not be ignored. Nor should cognition, heuristics, and thought patterns. One vaccine that raises a lot of concern, is the Pertussis or the whooping cough vaccine. It is usually given as the DPT, a combined vaccination for Diphtheria, Pertussis and Tetanus. This vaccine is usually given in 5 doses. According to certain studies, anywhere between 50 and 80%…

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