Vaccines Should Not Be Mandatory For Children Essay

1355 Words Dec 14th, 2014 null Page
Before we can make decisions for ourselves, we are dependent on our parents. It is our parents or guardians who make many decisions for us. For example, vaccines are a choice our parents must make when we are just months old. Many locations, like daycares and schools, assume and believe all children should be vaccinated; however, that is not the case. In the United States, there are parents who feel that vaccinations are safe and those who feel that vaccinations are unsafe and ineffective and therefore will not get their children vaccinated. Those who feel vaccines are safe believe that the United States government should make it mandatory for children in the United States to get vaccinations in order to protect dangerous diseases from spreading. On the other hand, others feel that if an individual does not want to vaccinate their children, they should not be forced to.
Vaccines are the reason why the United States has low disease rates. According to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the federal research agency says that: “With the arrival of vaccines, numerous infectious diseases that struck hundreds of thousands of people in the United States each year—oftentimes lethally—have been eradicated and nearly forgotten today” (par. 2). As the NIAID explains, vaccines prevent diseases and do not pose a threat to health. Certain individuals however, continue to disregard the evidence, in belief that vaccines are extremely harmful and dangerous.…

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