Vaccines Are Safe And Effective For Children 's Immune Systems

1491 Words Mar 18th, 2016 6 Pages
A vaccine is a biological preparation that consists of antigens that cause the immune system to produce antibodies to fight certain diseases. Vaccines cause the body to act as if it has been infected with a disease without actually infecting the body. Vaccines are estimated to prevent 2.5 million deaths globally each year and are used in medicine to help control or completely stop the spread of infectious diseases. With the rise of untrustworthy internet blogs and false information spreading to gullible, uninformed parents; child vaccine rates continue to drop as parents fear the rare side effects that could occur and inadequate links to autism. Vaccines are medicine’s greatest lifesavers that have been proven in several experimental trials that the ingredients used and schedules enforced are safe and effective for children’s immune systems. Medicine’s miraculous beginnings in the world of vaccination and immunization began in quite a peculiar place. No one would have ever guessed in today’s century, let alone the eighteenth century, that the key component to jumpstart the vaccine revolution would be found growing on the back of a cow. Edward Jenner, an Englishman who worked as a country doctor in Gloucestershire, was intrigued by a country legend that cowpox, a mild disease of cows, could cause a mild infection in humans that would henceforth protect them from smallpox. After many years of experiments, research, and vast amounts of studying; Edward Jenner invented…

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