Vaccines Are Beneficial For Children That Receive Them, Anti Vaccinationists

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Vaccines are widely known as one of the most prominent, public health mechanisms ever invented. Despite the popular belief that vaccines are extremely beneficial for children that receive them, anti-vaccinationists claim that some vaccines correlate with the neurological disorder autism. There have been two controversial claims trying to relate childhood vaccinations to autism. Both claims presented can seem convincing at first but can easily be found falsifiable upon research. To fully understand why the claim vaccines cause autism is pseudoscience, it is important to examine the history of vaccinations and to analyze both scientific claims presented.
The first scientist to introduce viruses to the scientific world was Louis Pasteur. Although Pasteur was the first to introduce the concept of a virus, Dr. Edward Jenner developed the first vaccination. The smallpox vaccination was considered to be the very first vaccine. Jenner found that vaccinating with the cowpox virus would make a child immune to smallpox. He concluded this from clinically observing milkmaids. James Phipps was the first child Jenner tested his ideas on. He found that vaccinating the child with the cowpox virus granted him immunity from smallpox (Miller).
The second most well-known vaccine is the polio vaccination. Dr. Salk was the first to introduce a dead polio vaccine to the United States in 1955. Although he ran many clinical trials, his final vaccine caused many cases of paralytic…

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