Essay about Vaccines And Its Effects On Children

2010 Words Nov 9th, 2016 9 Pages
Vaccines get a lot of attention these days. Increasing reports of brain injuries near the time of infant vaccinations have ignited fears over the ingredients of vaccines that have bordered on hysteria. Unfortunately, there seems to be no definitive proof that vaccines actually cause brain diseases such as autism. However, there is too much evidence to support such claims of injury to ignore the risks. So whom can parents believe, and how can they decide whether to vaccinate their children? Is it possible that problems caused by vaccines could be as dangerous as the diseases they are designed to prevent? Further, there is serious question over conflict of interest in the granting of legal immunity to pharmaceutical manufacturers and medical practitioners, both of whom make a lot of money from immunizations. Vaccines played a role in eradicating or nearly eradicating some of the world’s most deadly diseases and epidemics. However, now that the epidemics have been brought under control, the vaccines are being administered in larger quantities than ever despite having health risks of their own. Vaccines are no longer necessary in developed nations, and the cons of vaccines far outweigh the pros. Vaccines have long been known to have negative effects on the body. A vaccination itself can cause allergic reactions, pain, soreness, fever, aches, and chills. Doctors warn their patients of these possible short term side effects, but there are potential side effect that…

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