Vaccine Efficacy Of A Vaccine Essay

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The efficacy of a vaccine refers to the vaccine’s ability to bring about the intended beneficial effects to a specified population under ideal conditions of usage on vaccinated individuals. Vaccine efficacy is usually expressed as proportionate reduction in infection attack rate (AR) among the vaccinated (ARV) study cohorts and unvaccinated (ARU). Then from the relative risk (RR) of disease among the vaccinated group efficacy can be calculated.
Vaccine-associated risk is the possibility of an adverse outcome occurring and the seriousness of the ensuing harm to the health of the vaccinated individuals from a specified population after immunization under ideal conditions of vaccine usage. The low risk of an adverse reaction to a vaccine greatly outweighs the possibility of complications associated with a natural infection. *The possible benefits of a vaccine (i.e. the support of health and defense from illness along with its physical, psychological and socioeconomic effects) must be considered against the potential risk of an adverse event following immunization (AEFI) from that vaccine. Smallpox is an excellent example of efficacy and effectiveness at work. The smallpox vaccine was effective in preventing infection and efficacy was achieved through the widespread implementation of a vaccine administration program. Both of these factors working together eventually eradicated the deadly infection.
Vaccines are used to give the immune system a boost against specific pathogens.…

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