Vaccinations : The Greatest Medical Achievements Of Civilization

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Each year many Americans die from just the seasonal flu, not to mention the other diseases that are apparent. This is why the U.S. suggests that the people vaccinate themselves against these harmful sicknesses. Vaccinations are something that most people are aware of. At some point we have had these vaccinations or have at least heard about them. Vaccines are weak or sometimes lifeless bacteria that is injected into the human body to make people build up an immunity to the disease. In earlier years children were highly susceptible to picking up a disease and dying, this is why vaccinations have become one of the greatest medical achievements of civilization. There is nothing more devastating than a life that has been ended, especially one that has been taken because of an infection due to a fatal disease. It is an excruciating thought to know that a human being may never get the chance to see their impending days. Diseases and infections take many lives unexpectedly every year. These diseases are caused by bacteria and viruses. In diseases that are caused by bacteria, victims breathe in the bacteria which cause several areas of the body to be infected. Other diseases that are caused by visus are caused by a non-living infection that attacks the person 's immune system and other living cells. It is imperative that parents vaccinate their children when they are young because of their weak immune systems. It is just as important for adults to keep up with their vaccinations…

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