Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory Vaccination Essay

778 Words Sep 18th, 2015 4 Pages
Over the past few years, there has been debate over vaccinating children. Many people believe the invalid study that was conducted by Andrew Wakefield in 1998 which linked vaccinations to autism. Others refuse to vaccinate because of toxins in vaccines. This movement against vaccination could potentially lead to a large scale outbreak of diseases that were once thought to be on the path to eradication. I believe that all school aged children should be required to be vaccinated. The only exemption from vaccination should be for medical reasons. Vaccinations have been proven to decrease disease in populations and have very few side effects. The invention of vaccines has drastically decreased the occurrence of vaccine-preventable diseases (Omer, Salmon, & Orenstein, 2009). The benefits of receiving vaccinations far exceed the risks. While side effects do occur, the risk of severe adverse reactions to vaccinations is minimal. Some parents have reported signs of autism weeks after receiving vaccinations. However, vaccinations are given to children around the same time as symptoms of autism begin to show. Because of this timeframe some people believe that the vaccines caused the autism when in reality the correlation is a coincidence, not a causation. The two events are happening at similar times, however, one is not causing the other. Andrew Wakefield conducted a study in 1998 that linked vaccinations to increased risk of autism. His study was invalid because the…

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