Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory For Children Essay

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Vaccinations Should be Mandatory for Children to Attend School


Every year, vaccines are credited with preventing approximately 14 million infections (Sherman, 2011). Without vaccines, millions of people would suffer from diseases that can be prevented. In order to see a change in the world from vaccinations, parents needs to vaccinate their children. One of the most important advances in the history of medicine is vaccinations.

Vaccinations are used to make someone immune to an infectious disease. To trigger an immune system response, how the body responds to diseases, vaccines are loaded with microorganisms, a microscopic organism. A common vaccine consists of a weakened pathogen, an organism that causes diseases. The pathogen could also have been altered so that it cannot cause illness. When a vaccine is administered, pathogens enter the body. For that reason, the immune system creates antibodies, a substance produced by the body to to fight a disease, to destroy it. Multiple forms of vaccinations exist. For example, they can contain live viruses or live bacteria from an infectious disease. These viruses have been determined to be harmless by the Center of Disease Control (CDC). The second type of vaccine is purified vaccines. Purified vaccines use a portion of the disease causing agent or one of its chemical components. They use the portion of the disease causing agent to reduce the amount of chemicals in the vaccine needed. It only uses the…

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