Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory For Children Essay

1427 Words Nov 23rd, 2014 null Page
There is nothing more tragic than a young life that has been taken away to early by the infection of a killer disease. It’s painful to think that the child never got to live out their life, and to the parents not being able to see the child’s full potential. Diseases kill children every year. Many diseases come from bacteria ,which can be inhaled, infecting many areas of the body. The bacteria live and grow while its victim dies. Viruses can also cause diseases; a non-living infection that attacks the immune system and other living cells. Children are very vulnerable to disease because of their weak growing immune systems. As they grow up their immune systems will beging to counteract various bacteria, this is how children’s immune system develope. So how could children easly protect themselves? Easy, by vaccinations. However, in medicine, there are always risks. This causes parents to argue that vaccinations shouldn’t be mandatory for children.
Immunizations have helped keep the spread of diseases low. They have lowered the amount of deaths saving countless of lives. On the other hand, what if it was against a families’ religion or a parent argues their child is Healthy and can handle the severe symptoms of a disease? Those are the usual arguments made by people who believe that vaccines shouldn’t be mandatory for children. Are those arguments strong enough to counter all the children’s lives that have been saved by intelligent medicine? Unless Americans want to unleash a…

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