Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory For All Children Entering Public School

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Vaccinations should be mandatory for all children entering public school in order to protect all children at the school and prevent dangerous life threatening diseases. Vaccination was originated in the second century to prevent disease outbreaks. There are actual records of vaccinations in China as far back as the Sixteenth century. It was a process called variolation. Variolation is a process where member of a community breathe in the small pox disease thereby increasing their resistance to the disease and heightening their chances of survival. Small pox was the only disease where variolation was used. A Buddhist used the variolation process and saved the last surviving son of the Chinese premier, by blowing the scabs of pustules from a case of small pox into the child’s right nostril. In May 14, 1796 Edward Jenner also known as the father of immunology lanced a smallpox lesion on a recipient’s hand. He inoculated two spots on a boys arm. The two areas developed smallpox but rather than developing a full-blown case, he had little effects and recovered. This discovery was the first step towards vaccination techniques. An attenuated vaccination process was developed through the studies of Louis Pasteur. An attenuated vaccination infects the recipient with a milder strain of the disease to increase the immunity of the recipients while protecting them from exposure to a full strength strain of disease. The survival rates increased greatly. As more information on…

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