Essay about Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory And Children

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To Vaccinate or not to Vaccinate
Every couple that finds out they are pregnant are elated with joy, happiness, and the hopes of having a ten-fingered, ten-toed, healthy little baby boy or girl. Starting immediately after birth and up to eighteen years of age it is recommended that children start getting immunizations to protect them from dangerous diseases (Infants, Children, & Teens, n.d.). However, many parents are still choosing not to vaccinate their new little bundles of joy. Over roughly the last twenty years, many parents have chosen to not vaccinate their children, putting not only their own children at risk but other children at risk as well. This has been a huge debate across our country for many years now. Vaccinations should be mandatory and children should be completely up to date with all immunizations before being allowed to attend school.
As reported by an Mlive state data analysis, nearly forty-five percent of Michigan County’s residents are at risk for disease outbreaks (Parker, 2014). Back in 2014 pertussis, a disease also known as whooping cough, shut down a 1200 student school for a week while also infecting fourteen other school buildings in Traverse City, Michigan. The rate of children going unvaccinated is extremely high, which makes this risk not just theoretical, but undoubtedly real (Parker, 2014).
Matthew Davis, chief medical executive for the Michigan Department of Community Health states “ Our vaccination rates in the state are going in the…

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