Essay about Vaccinations Should Be A Choice Of The Parent

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As a child, one looks to their parents in admiration and, for the most part, follows what they say. Now, as a parent, they have a great deal of control on their child’s life. If a parent is unhappy with an influence in their child’s life they simply pull them away. However, a parent still must give their child certain needs in order to be seen as fit. For example, a parent needs to be able to feed and clothe them, send them to school, and make sure they receive medical care like vaccinations. However, a trend has emerged where parents choose to not give their children vaccinations. While this trend is not very large or wide spread, it has still shown its face in polls on the Pew Research Center. According to a poll taken on August 15-25, 2014, it states that 38% of adults, ages 18-48, agree that vaccinations should be a choice of the parent. While, this percentage is not that great it still shows that people are debating the subject of choice. To further prove the existence of this trend, the question of whether or not vaccinations are safe is up for debate, another article on the Pew Research Center states, “Eight-in-ten adults (80%) who are a parent or guardian of a child under 18 say the vaccines are safe for healthy children” (“83% Say Measles Vaccine”). While this may seem to stop the debate, it still shows that 20% of parents belief that vaccinations are either unsafe. Some may disagree and claim that giving children vaccinations is not up for debate and…

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