Vaccinations Are Unethical And Should Be Optional Essay

1317 Words May 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
When children are born, one of the first things they get are vaccinations to protect them. Almost every child has been given a vaccination at one point in their life. Most people do not even think about it anymore. It it just a part of life. However, there are some people that believe vaccinations are unethical and should be optional. Vaccinations should be required because they have more usefulness if they are given to everyone, specifically for protecting communities and getting rid of diseases. Vaccinations help protect children without actually giving them the disease to fight on their own. When a child becomes infected by an illness, the child’s body has its natural way of protecting itself. The body produces antibodies which fight against the germs and/or bacteria that has found its way into the child’s body. The child will get sick but once the illness has completed its course, the child no longer gets that disease because the antibodies in the body stay in the blood, always ready to fight against the same illness. Vaccinations work in a similar manner except that the child does not actually get sick(“How Do Vaccines Work?”). Basically, a vaccination is a type of serum with dead cells of a certain disease in it (“Feldman, Martin”) For example, if a vaccination for chickenpox was being given, the vaccination itself would contain dead chickenpox cells. This causes the body to create antibodies that will fight against that disease. The antibodies stay, always fighting…

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