Essay on Vaccinations And Its Effects On Children

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Vaccinations have come under much scrutiny in the past few years with recent outbreaks and the number of people choosing to vaccinate is decreasing (Ambridge, 2015). The debate on compulsory vaccinations has split governments for years (Welch et al., 2014). A vaccine or vaccination is a product that produces immunity from a disease and can be administered through needle injections, orally or by aerosol (, n.d). Vaccinations work to protect the body from certain diseases by strengthening the immune system. Vaccines create immunity without causing the suffering of the disease (PHAC, 2014). The vaccines may contain dead or weak disease germs which makes the immune system build antibodies to fight (PHAC, 2014). Vaccines may prevent one disease or be combined to prevent a number of different diseases.
The effectiveness and safety of vaccines is not in question as they are effective and they are safe (Ambridge, 2015).
“Asking whether vaccines are safe is like asking whether ambulances are safe. Sure, very occasionally things go wrong. Vaccines cause 1 serious allergic reaction per million. But, with these odds, refusing a vaccine is like a seriously injured patient refusing to travel in an ambulance because they occasionally crash. (Ambridge, 2015)”
The question asked in this investigation is not whether they are safe and effective but “Should vaccinations be compulsory?”
One argument again the compulsory vaccination of children is that it is unnecessary. It is…

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