Vaccination Should Be Mandatory Compulsory Vaccinations Essay

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A decade ago in Nigeria, rumors spread that polio vaccines were surreptitious sterilization efforts. That led to a boycott of the vaccine in 2003 and a resurgence in the poliovirus three years later. This story highlights a key point about vaccinations: Confidence is critical. Lack of confidence in vaccinations -- lack of confidence in their effectiveness, their safety and their usefulness -- has fueled a growing debate about the use of vaccines. Vaccines have, no doubt, revolutionized medicine; however, growing trends in delayed vaccination schedules and vaccination exemption requests highlights a fundamental flaw in vaccine confidence in parents. Discussions surrounding vaccinations spark important ethical and social questions -- should parents have the final say about whether or not their child gets vaccinated, or should this decision be regulated, requiring compulsory vaccinations. More importantly, do the social gains garnished from mandated vaccinations outweigh the choice to strip parents of their choice to autonomy? With increased opposition to vaccinations, resulting in increased outbreaks, such as the measles outbreak in Disneyland this past December, it is clear something needs to budge; however, striping parents of their right to chose to vaccinate their children is ethically flawed. Instead, efforts should be made to increase confidence in vaccinations.

Increase in vaccine opposition highlights the need for increased efforts to regain vaccine confidence.…

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