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Vaccinations can be a pro and a con thing, Vaccinations can save lives but at the same time it can create tumors and you can have side effects to some vaccinations. They both have their sides to it it just depends what kind of person you are. Vaccinations are used to prevent a disease or a sickness. What they do is they inject a little bit of the virus into yous so that your body can know how to fight it off. Now some of these vaccinations can be a good and or a bad thing to use on your kids or yourself.

Vaccinations can save lives, according to the CDC Vaccines save hundreds of thousands of lives. Vaccines given to infants and young children over the past two decades will prevent 322 million illnesses. Then 21 million hospitalizations and 732,000 deaths over the course of their lifetimes, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It also cost less to just get a vaccinations. Then according to Scientific American, unvaccinated children were roughly 23 times more likely to develop whooping cough, nine times more likely to be infected with chickenpox,
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Approximately 1.5 million of these deaths are in children less than 5 years old. According to the CDC vaccines carry a risk of a life-threatening allergic reaction in about one per million children. They also say that e CDC reports that pneumonia can be caused by the chickenpox vaccine, and a "small possibility" exists that the flu vaccine could be associated with Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a disorder in which the person’s immune system attacks parts of the peripheral nervous system, in about one or two per million people vaccinated. The National Vaccine Information Center says that vaccines may be linked to learning disabilities, asthma, autism, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and other

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