Essay on Vaccination Programs Should Be Mandatory

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"Every year tetanus kills 300,000 newborns and 30,000 birth mothers who were not properly vaccinated"("Vaccination Programs Have Reduced the Incidence of Many Diseases"). Most of these deaths could have easily been prevented by vaccines. Vaccinations are preventative measures that help prevent illnesses and diseases in people. Everyday vaccines prevent someone from obtaining a possibly fatal disease or infection. Without them, fatal infectious diseases would have a resurgence all over the world. Rather than vaccines not being mandatory, they should be mandatory for everyone who can receive them because they save people lives, save money in the future, protect those who cannot be vaccinated, prevent epidemics, they have eradicated infectious diseases, and they protect future generations.
Vaccines need to be required because they save many people’s lives every single day. Everyday people receive vaccines to protect themselves against a disease or illness. Sometimes these diseases can be fatal or have permanent damage. Before the smallpox vaccine was invented, smallpox was brutal towards children and it was quite commonly fatal and debilitating (Carson-Dewitt and Lee). The smallpox vaccine made it possible for an immune system buildup to form to help fight against the disease. This charge to the immune system resulted in less fatalities and the disease occurred less often. In the past "polio was once America’s most-feared disease, causing death and paralysis across the…

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