Vaccination Of Children : A Precious Gift Essay

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Vaccination of Children
A precious gift, a bundle of joy, and a parents’ greatest accomplishment, a child. Health is a choice. Once children are born parents are faced with the decision to vaccinate their child. Vaccination has positives and negatives which are constantly discussed throughout society and among new parents. Vaccination is a strong controversial topic within the medical field; some parents vaccinate to protect, save time and money, and prevent medical issues in future generations, but some choose not to due to religion, and possible side effects.
Vaccination is essential when enrolling into many daycares, schools and even colleges. This is to protect the children who are constantly interacting with each other throughout the day. Immunizations have had an enormous impact on improving the heath of children in the United States (Vaccinate for Your Children)."It is the policy of the Board of Regents of the State of Kansas that incoming students residing in student housing at a Regents ' institution be vaccinated for meningitis or sign a waiver refusing receipt of the meningitis vaccine (” Kansas State University is a Regents institution and must follow this policy. This quote shows that most colleges require some action and recommend being vaccinated.

With that being said, vaccination saves potential time, money, and lives quickly. When fighting diseases and illnesses some can be fatal and leave a person bedridden for weak and years if not caught…

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