Vaccination Laws Should Be Mandatory Essay

1647 Words Jan 31st, 2016 null Page
On January 5, 2015, California had a frightening awakening. An, unvaccinated, eleven year old boy was hospitalized with a suspected case of the measles. That same day, four more cases of measles in California and two cases in Utah were reported, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Zipprich et al). These new outbreaks of measles are alarming considering the disease was thought to be virtually nonexistent in 2000. Recently, the Governor of California approved a new law, set to take place July 2016, that will make vaccines mandatory for all children enrolling in any California school. Some supporters of immunizations are in favor of the new legislation. Others are calling mandatory vaccinations a violation of their right to make decisions for their children. Regardless, the recent outbreak of “dead” diseases brings people to question whether or not childhood vaccinations should be mandatory. Advocates for mandatory immunizations believe that vaccines will build immunity to dangerous diseases and is a key factor in the push for vaccination laws. The 2014 CDC article emphasizes that vaccines do not cause the disease on it 's own because the antigens contained inside are only strong enough to “make the immune system produce antibodies” (Why Are Childhood). Children who receive the vaccine will not contract the disease, but will instead be given just enough of the antigens the body needs to learn how to fight off the virus if the child ever happens to come…

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