Ancient Greek Civilization

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Throughout the ages of men, we have been groping for the secret of the universe and our role in it. The plant we lived is so gorgeous that we are just like new-born babe curious about everything in the world. We are curious about the shape of this world; waiting for a glimpse of the edge of it, so they started to explore this planet, finally found the earth is a sphere. We were then puzzled with the origin of ourselves as we used to perceive that human is not the son of God but evolved from monkeys. After realizing that there is a relationship between electric and magnetic fields, we discovered the Ampère 's circuital law and Electromagnetic induction. Now, we can launch a spacecraft to moon, Mars, or even out of the solar system.

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Meanwhile, the territory of Greece is mountainous, which go against overland transport. As a result, the geographical conditions in Greece encourage the marine movement of people and cargos. In addition, the solid ground in Greek is not suited for growing crops. Therefore, Greek started to make a living by trade. The rocky soil in Greek was well suited for olive trees. It would take more than 20 years for this tree to harvest olive fruits and the planting olive trees in Greece can date back to 3000 B.C. Greeks used this fruit to produce olive oil, which was quite rare at that time. Grapes also grow well in Greece, which was used to ferment wine. In addition, their developed techniques also helped them to be able to produce high quality pottery and metalwork. Therefore, the ancient Greeks traded their resources, including olive oil, pottery, metalwork and wine, to the neighbouring civilisations like Sicily, Arabia, Egypt, Carthage, and Ethiopia. On the other hand, according to Apel (2004, p. 21), “They traded for (increase???????) from Syria, Beef from Italy, rope and sails from Egypt, Leather from North Africa, and cushions and rugs from …show more content…
The World War II has begun. Physicists on both Allies and Axis alliance were clearly aware that nuclear fission can be used as a weapon, but no one known how it could be done. The same year, prominent physicists Leó Szilárd and Albert Einstein wrote a letter and delivered to President Franklin D. Roosevelt, which warned of the possibility of nuclear weapons. The physicists were concerned that Germany might already have their own nuclear weaponry project. About two years later, after Japanese’s attack on Pearl Harbor in December, 1941, United States finally decided to develop this new type of bombs. A project named Manhattan Project was established. The scientific team led by J.Robert Oppenheimer with only about 6 thousand US dollars as funding at first, but it grew to more than 130,000 employees and costs about 2 billion dollars several years later. Along the way, Manhattan Project has absorbed many top scientists, including many fled from Europe, together with the Physicists from Britain, finally detonated the first nuclear device in the world on 16 July 1945. (Francis, 1994, p. ) The further understanding about the nuclear energy leads human to have the ability to use

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