Personal Narrative Essay: Appendix Fiasco

Appendix Fiasco
During my summer vacation, things started off boring. Then on one fateful day (June 19th, 2017) my brother got mad at me and punched me in the testicles. Unknowing to myself at the time, my nightmare would begin
I arrived at Abrazo, two days after my brother punched me in my testicles. After the pain wouldn’t go away and I was checked out. Everything was okay down under, but a new problem emerged. I had Appendicitis. Panic mode set in as I was required surgery. I was escorted to Scottsdale Shea were they had a pediatric surgeon over there. I arrived and was admitted around 1:30 in the morning. I arrived in my room which would serve me as my home for four days. The room was light green and contained glowing stars on the ceiling.
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I soon came to known why she showed up. My dad invited her to see me because he wanted her to reconnect with us. It was twelve thirty in the afternoon, it was two more hours till my surgery was going to occur. I could hear my grandmother bark orders to the nurses at their station demanding them to “treat my grandson” and “when was the surgery going to occur.” I decided to take a little nap, so I turned on a boring TV show and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was on my right side. I put too much pressure on my Appendix, It began to hurt more and more. Luckily my surgery was scheduled in ten minutes. I was carted off to the O.R. I passed other kids who were recovering from Appendicitis, rows of hospital beds and wheelchairs, and empty rooms in the pediatrics wing. I remember my ride to the O.R vividly. I remembered that a baby was born as a jingle played throughout the hallway, another kid passed me recovering from surgery. I then reached O.R. My parents began to cry. Water began to flow down their faces to the point when their tears dried up like the desert. My grandmother, attempted to cheer them up by telling a joke. Her joke was shunned as my parents just look at her, angered. The surgeon was ready and I was then separated from my …show more content…
However it was interrupted by my grandma, who began to wipe my face with a wet rag. I heard my mom say “don’t do it, he’s sleeping”. I woke up, moody and angry. She began to say “Grandmother's precious boy” like a broken record. I was annoyed after being woke up from a beauty sleep. My mom left to go get coffee, I was left behind to be interrogated. Grandma began asking ridiculous questions about my family. I tried my best to avoid them. Then the question “did you miss me?” came up. I had to answer this truthfully I thought about the year we hadn't talked, and her sudden caring for me even though I never grew up with her. I said “No, not really.” My mom entered the room and my grandmother left by saying goodbye. I told my mom what happened. At first my Mom was upset. I then reminded her what happened in the last year. She was okay with her being gone. My grandma never returned back and we fully cut ties with her. I then went on to meet my friends mom Vanessa who was working at the

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