VR And Experiential Marketing: Characteristics Of Marketing And Marketing

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1. VR and experiential marketing
Since virtual reality has the unique characteristics like immersion and interactivity, VR games offer brand new experiences for players; some media apply the technology to their live events or movie productions; and more and more companies think it is a great opportunity to use VR as part of the promotion and branding strategies. Till now, one of the most popular alternative marketing forms with VR is experiential marketing.
Experiential Marketing
As the customer experience is closely linked with customer loyalty and purchase intention, companies who offer the best experiences win. Experiential marketing is a strong marketing communication channel for companies to convey messages to their customers. Other than other marketing methods, experiential marketing is a combination of personal marketing and unique experiences with different senses like visual or smell (Hotcow, 2013, November 22). Yang, C. (2009) conducted a study in Mos Burger in Kaohisiung City to investigate the relationship between experiential marketing and customer satisfaction and repurchase intention. It turned out that all the five senses were important to experiential marketing and each
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Currently, a device like headset is required for most VR experiences. For high-quality display, a good VR device is a must, but not realistic for many companies and most customers. Secondly, VR is for single user, but hard to establish social network among the users. If VR users can get interactions from each other and have their virtual network, the influence of VR promotion might be bigger than now. Thirdly, VR is applied widely in certain industries such as game, car, tourism and media currently. For other industries, it is still on the exploratory stage. Also, not all the companies are suitable for VR marketing. Before using the technology, companies need to consider their brand strategy and how to position VR under the

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