VLSI Personal Statement

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Having gained the knowledge of the fundamentals in VLSI and the usage of some simulation tools during the course, and my thorough hardwork in the problem solving aspects of the subject helped me gaining a job in ‘CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTORS’,a US based company,as a ‘LAYOUT DESIGN ENGINEER’.And there I was trained on different CAD tools like CADENCE, VIRTUOSO, Mentor Graphics CALIBER etc.And also gained a full knowledge on the concepts of …show more content…
I believe that Graduate studies in Electrical Engineering at your University would give me frontline exposure to the technological advancements made in the field and allow me to pursue a career where I can be creatively involved in improving existing technology into one that is faster, smaller, and more user-friendly.

I bring with me a strong grasp of fundamentals, an attitude for teamwork, a drive for taking up challenges, an enthusiastic penchant to learn, and above all, the discipline and perseverance to succeed. I wish to earn - in addition to a wealth of knowledge - a network of strong and lasting relationships with my professors and fellow students.With its eminent presence, distinguished faculty, comprehensive course curriculum and extensive research opportunities, I am confident that pursuing my Master’s in Electrical Engineering at your university will best help me meet my career

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