Uw Whitewater And Itt Technical Institute Essay

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The jump from highschool to college is one of the biggest transitions of a young adult 's life, and If you pick the wrong college for you, you’ll be depressed and be drowning in student loan debt wishing you had picked another college to go to. As a junior in highschool I am now considering two extremely different colleges; UW-Whitewater and ITT Technical Institute. Both colleges accel in different areas, and they have a relatively large price gap as well. I’m trying to decide which college would be better for: my finances, acceptance rates and qualifications for attending, and if the college offers interesting extracurricular activities. UW-Whitewater and ITT Tech both offer a great schooling program, but my decision revolves around the price and accessibility of each college.

UW- Whitewater is a four year, public university located in South Central Wisconsin that is an optimal choice for a college with extra curricular activities and an exceptional education system. This last year 4,810 students out of 6,833 students (roughly 70%) were admitted into Whitewater. 30 percent of applicants who applied didn’t get into to the school, but I can use that as a motivation to try harder throughout the rest of my high school career. Whitewater College would be a good choice for me, because I work hard at school and I will continue to work hard throughout to meet requirements for schooling and later jobs. As long as I continue to work hard in school I should be able to attend and…

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