Utopia Is Not A Safe Haven Essay

1909 Words Oct 20th, 2016 8 Pages
Once upon a time in a land far away called Utopia, there was a God named Uton who governed the land, and his wife, goddess Uhdona. Utopia was destined to be a safe haven. Where gods, goddesses, and mortals were all meant to feel safe was in Utopia. It was stunning, with soaring and striking buildings, green grass, flowers flourishing everywhere, just like a fantasy. Uton and Uhdona ruled Utopia and made sure it was the ultimate place to live and was running efficiently at all times. Uton and Uhdona produced many gods in order for Utopia to be a prosperous world, including Teiton who was the god of thunder and lightning. Teiton began using his powers and making gods out of lightning. He would heave a bolt from the heavens down to Utopia, and next thing you know there would be a new God. His wife Esla, who was the goddess of night and day, aided him in this development. However, they did mate as well, and had children of their own together. Thus bringing us to Fowmis, Kyion, and Sudar, the three gods who were created together by Teiton and Esla. These three gods and goddesses were produced in order to help rule Utopia, Fowmis being goddess of the wind, Kyion god of the heavens, and Sudar god of the sea. Sudar fell in love with a woman named Idia, yet the only thing different about her was that she was mortal. Teiton and Esla were exasperated knowing that their son had fallen in love with a mortal, and did everything in their power to terminate the relationship. Teiton tried…

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