Utopia As An Ideal Society Essay

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A well-known lawyer and ambassador to the king, Thomas More wrote Utopia as a philosophical argument against the ongoing turmoil in Europe at the time. His philosophical debate that occurred inside Utopia covered the topics of poverty, corruption, enclosures and crime—issues that received a lot of attention from the king and his noblemen. Utopia, meaning both an “ideal society”, and also “nowhere”, means to argue why itself is superior to the ideals of Europe and to distinguish Utopia, as More describes it, as an ideal society. This topic of the idealistic Utopia has drawn many critics, founded on realistic viewpoints and also the discussion if a Utopia like More presents is possible.
Utopia begins as a philosophical debate between More and a man named Raphael Hythloday about all that is wrong in the world that they live in. Hythloday describes the various places he has experienced and the various practices that they live in. More, understanding the Hythloday is a man of practical and serious stature, inquires as to why Hythloday is not aiding the king as a man of the courts. When the discussion comes to Utopia, Hythloday describes a communalistic society, where the people “do not place happiness in all sorts of pleasures, but only in those that themselves are good and honest” (More 41). The people are not selfish or greedy, only taking what they require and following the laws almost religiously. Hythloday describes their views on crime and punishment, materialistic items,…

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