Utilization Of Resources : Starbucks Essay

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UTILIZATION OF RESOURCES Starbucks ensures that it identifies and acquires the resources necessary to effectively continue its performance through its strategic location. Located in Seattle, Washington, the corporate headquarters is in one of the most desirable locations for young professionals to live. In addition to Starbucks, other companies such as Boeing and Amazon call Seattle home. Tech giant Facebook is also opening offices in Seattle due to the immense human capital the city possesses. The city attracts some of the brightest engineers and college graduates from around the world are flocking to it because of the young, hip downtown scene and the wide variety of banking, data and technology companies located in the area. With a name like Starbucks and such a strategic location, the company has no problems recruiting and hiring some of the most brilliant engineers and employees the world has to offer. In order capitalize on the natural resources of other countries, alliances have been formed with coffee growers globally and the initiative Coffee and Farmer Equity (C.A.F.E.) is “one of the coffee industry’s first sets of comprehensive sustainability standards.” C.A.F.E. has helped “positively impact millions of workers, and improved the long-term environmental and social conditions on thousands of participating farms around the world.” There are six farmer support centers in Starbucks key growing regions – Rwanda, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Colombia, China and a…

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