Utilitarianism Vs. Utilitarianism : Utilitarianism Essay

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Utilitarianism is the most well-known consequentialist theory which are theories that hold the idea that actions are right or right according to the balance of their good and bad consequences (354). Utilitarianism states that we are morally obligated to act in ways that bring the best consequences. Following that idea you become morally responsible for all the actions that you did not do, but could have in order to maximize happiness, all the actions you performed in which you prevented others from doing that decrease overall happiness as well as what actions you ideally perform to maximize happiness. For all of the reasons above the Utilitarian theory is too demanding of an individual. With utilitarianism, one is always supposed to be thinking about the consequences of every action he or she makes and then only make those decisions based on whether or not it maximizing the greatest amount happiness even though it may not really please him or her. There are many objections to utilitarianism but the two that are most convincing, is that the theory is too demanding as well as the theory requires us to commit acts that society may consider immoral.
Utilitarianism is based on principle of utility which states that people ought to always be acting in ways that maximize happiness and minimize harm. Happiness is the result of satisfaction of intellectual or physical interests related to the wellbeing (355). To a utilitarian, to make an ethically correct decision, they should…

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