Utilitarianism Vs. Mill 's Theory Essay

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Most of the theories that are presented by philosophers is to help us figure out who we are, what the goal of my life should be, and what is considered morally right and wrong. These theories are supposed to guides us in making decisions, however each human being is the only one to determine was they believe is good in their lives. Theories are nothing more than just guidelines made by philosophers who think will make the best human being. We could use bits of their knowledge in helping us live our own lives, but we could also completely reject their views and live life based on our own theories and motives. Philosophers like J.S. Mill, Kant, and Aristotle, have unique and profound minds in the way they describe human nature, and what human beings should do to fulfill and live a good life. For instance, J.S. Mill’s theory is based on utilitarianism. Utilitarianism is basicly a doctrine and concept that tells us our actions are right if they are useful for the majority. The two main features of utilitarianism are consequentialist principle and utility principle. Consequentialist principle is the rightness or wrongness of the act is determined by its results. Utility principle is the only thing that is good in itself is some specific type of state like pleasure and happiness. One strength of utilitarianism is to do the most good for the most people. It aims to promote human development. A weakness would be how to do the greatest happiness for the greatest number of people if…

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