Essay on Utilitarianism, By John Stuart Mill

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Every day, we as humans, face tasks that we must come to a decision on whether we are going to do what is morally right, or for the better for the greatest amount of people. Utilitarianism is the action that is best, which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers (100). This may be helpful for short term tasks and requirements, but in the long run always choosing the action that benefits everyone would ultimately hold people back. I will discuss both sides to utilitarianism, how it can be beneficially and harmful. In doing so, I will explore John Stuart Mill’s side as he supports utilitarianism, as well as the opposition.
First off, John Stuart Mill is one of the many supports of utilitarianism as he uses the idea of happiness, higher and lower pleasures. A few examples Pojman discusses are donating money to a homeless shelter which benefits more people rather than keeping the money for ourselves or serving in the military to save thousands of lives by sacrificing one (102). Although day in and day out we don’t think of those being utilitarianism ideas, they are ultimately helping more people than we could ever imagine. By simply donating a couple dollars or serving your time for your country or local food shelter, that is doing what is best for a greater number of people.
Furthermore, John Stuart Mill is seen not only as a supporter of utilitarianism but also one who promotes eudaimonistic utilitarianism which “defines happiness in terms of higher-order…

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