Utilitarianism And Deontological Ethics Of Law Enforcement Essay

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There are various normative ethical theories that can explain human behavior as it pertains to actions of those working in law enforcement. This research paper summarizes the various ideologies that are associated with utilitarianism and deontological ethics concerning human behavior and the ethical or unethical decisions and /or actions of those working in law enforcement. It contrasts between the utilitarianism and deontological ethical arguments as they relate to law enforcement. It highlights various justifications and objections to the utilitarianism and deontological ethical theories in law enforcement. The issue of trust and legitimacy in law enforcement is also discussed with a brief summary of the various paradoxes and ethical dilemmas that exist during law enforcement. The paper concludes by noting that utilitarianism and deontological two ethical theories are arguably inherently consistent in the manner they consider the objectives, techniques and ideologies can be used to explain action as and behavior of those working in law enforcement. Particularly, both theoretical perspectives provide some ethical clarity through visualizing the logical connections that are inherent in how ethical behavior is judged in law enforcement. Ideologies Associated With Utilitarianism and Deontological Ethics Concerning the Ethical or Unethical Decisions and /or Actions of Those Working In Law Enforcement
There are various utilitarian and deontological ethical ideologies that…

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