Utilitarianism In Critical Thinking

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Critical thinking is a series of thinking processes to assess judgment, assumption, argument or claim in a thorough and rational manner. Critical thinking is the most fundamental skills that can be achieved by postgraduate students which applicable to other context as well, or termed as a transferable skill.

Postgraduate students are primarily working on a research project which suits well with their own interest. On the daily basis, students are using scientific approach to figure out the specific scientific problems by inquiring, making hypothesis, conducting experiment and inferring the result. The processes of scientific approach are actually mirroring the component of the critical thinking. According to Fisher and Scriven (as cited in
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The utilitarian function changes along the time. In the earlier, influenced by domination of Christianity, university was primarily used for teaching and educating clergy, priest and minister of the religion. University also served for state, where people who understand society and politic were trained to become the leader of the administrator. In the modern period, university also has additional charge in helping national economy as well as facilitating the direct transfer from research to industry and …show more content…
This research uses Drosophila as a model organism, where a panel of flies will be infected by Sigma Virus and separated based on the extent of susceptibility. A GWAS (Genome Wide Association Study) analysis is then employed to specify genetic variants in particular genes responsible for the susceptibility. To date, the GWAS method has been popularly implemented to provide a complete picture of the genetic architecture of resistance. The lines being used also have complete genome sequences, so all the genetic polymorphisms in the genome can be tested for an association with the viral infection. Afterwards, the research will be coupled with functional study to test the the importance of the variants by reducing the gene expression through RNAi or mutating the genes using

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