Utilising Social Media to Enhance Company Business Essay

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Social networking has had a phenomenal effect on communication and information flow. As a professional, demonstrate how you would utilize social media to enhance your company’s line of business?


The journey into how social networking is vital to my company’s business can be examined through the following business strategies: • Networking • Marketing

A destination wedding is defined as a matrimonial ceremony occurring at least 100 miles from the bride’s current place of residence. The Caribbean is one of the most popular choices for destination wedding planning among the global bride with the option of an added-on honeymoon available immediately after the wedding. Wedding by Emma daily will use
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A great example is how Weddings by Emma will feature a facebook page used primarily for the posting of advertisement statuses, pictures of client weddings, notice of special offers and packages to new clients and the ability to allow former customers to post pictures of their special day organised by the company. This in itself provides not only self-promotion but cross-promotion through testimonials. Facebook also has the option of paid advertisement through Facebook ads. These ads also offer information to the target audience as well analytical services of the advertisement’s performance i.e. the number of hits it would have received.

Twitter also offers the opportunity for the company to advertise through specifically tailored tweets which will link to the company’s facebook page or website.

Pinterest will allow Weddings by Emma to create a mood board and prospective customers will be able to see what custom created services the company can offer through visualization.

Reaching the customer directly is simplified by the use of social media and the business strategies used going forward will have a social networking component to increase effectiveness no matter how big or small.


Destination Weddings Statistics.

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