Using Voice Transmission Only On Analog Technology Essay

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A: A Local Loop-This is a wired connection that is run from the telephone companies central office based on where the customer lives/ where the business is located. The connection is a copper twisted pair and is based on the Bell Telephone system. When the system was designed it used voice transmission only on analog technology.
B: A Central Office- This is an office close to specific subscribers and business offices connected by a local loop. This office has switching equipment so that they may switch calls no matter if they are local or long distance.
C: Local Exchanges- A telecommunications system used in large enterprises or public switched telephone networks. Exchanges are made up of electronic components. Older systems used human operators that would interconnect telephone subscriber lines between subscribers.
D: POP- This provides the interconnection to the long-distance carrier. To explain in better detail, this is the point when a long-distance carrier meets another long-distance carrier and is defined as a point of presence.
E: Long Distance System- In the United States, long distance service is provided by an IXC. These carriers are used to connect LECs together in different LATA’s and sometimes within the same LATA.
F: Fixed Line- This refers to the first installations that lacked the ability to be connected to more than one telephone. I will now go over the following Telecommunications Network Components:
A: Cellular Telephones- This is a device that uses…

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