Using Virtual Integrated Practice ( Vip ) Essay

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Laying too much emphasis on definitions, being an armchair strategist, is far less important than examples from the real world that are more convincing. First is the example referring to decisions in virtual teams. A special system in Ford Motor Company called Ford 's eRoom provides a platform for its employees to scan various documents, and make decisions systemically. This virtual room not only reduces the burden of politeness towards the leader that arise in face to face meetings, but also removes the most influential type of pressure which is the conforming to the majority in an unknowingly place on each other(Kurtzberg, 2014). Another case is the Rush university Medical Center in Chicago. The Rush clinicians and researchers developed a virtual interdisciplinary team which is an approach to interdisciplinary called virtual integrated practice (VIP). The members of this collaborative team are the professionals from different fields such as: pharmacy, social work, dietetics (Nemiro, 2008). They gathered together on the Internet to share their own ideas, thoughts and experience to make decisions and plans to maximise the patient care and value of team assets. The use of this collaborative decision making benefits the production of creative solutions (Kwasi, Ephraim 2014). Furthermore, it also made significant contributions in better medical care and the improvement of communication between patients and the health care team.

With high spread of advanced information and…

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