Effective Teaching In Physical Education

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1. Please summarize the article and how it impacts you as a future physical educator.
In this article, “Using Triage Figuratively to Describe Effective Teaching in Physical Education,” physical educator needs to prepare their students and provide a good experience for them. In order for them to do that, the educators need to follow the six outcomes to have an effective teaching suing the TRIAGE framework. TRIAGE stand for thinking, responsibility, intensity, activity, gain, and equity. These six outcomes have been effective when teaching in physical education. It all about student and teacher having to think, the intensity and equity the teacher creates, and teaching students how to be responsible for each activity they have participated
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It will be different in each grade levels and what the physical educator can do is by giving the students direct and indirect tasks and observe how they are doing with the tasks. Also, asking questions to help the students to reflect on a certain lesson they have learned or just by answering questions in general for the educators or teachers to know that the students are learning. This also brought me to the second thing that stood out to me was students gaining or accomplishing something out from the lesson that was being taught. It important to the educators know that the students have learned something and the best way for them to know that is to be a leading teachers or educators. Leading students by encouraging them and giving them to take control of their own problem. Not telling them to do this or to do that and making feel like they have no right and they should follow exactly what the teachers or educators told them. Also, we as physical educators we need to be energetic or passion so that our students can see the excitement in us and they feel motivated to work or participate in …show more content…
Besides, teachers should be aware of the environment and their job is to closely supervise the area so no students are in harms. In addition to that, safety always comes first when teaching students in physical education. Along with that, I think the tables in the article are really helpful because it helps me to understand more about what each of the outcomes is. For example, when I read the article, I was confused about what the article was talking about and what equality means in this article until I look at table 1. It basically lists or narrows down what each of the outcomes was and the descriptions were beneficial for

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