Using Triage Figuratively To Describe Effective Teaching In Physical Education?

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1. Please summarize the article and how it impacts you as a future physical educator.
In this article, “Using Triage Figuratively to Describe Effective Teaching in Physical Education,” physical educator needs to prepare their students and provide a good experience for them. In order for them to do that, the educators need to follow the six outcomes to have an effective teaching suing the TRIAGE framework. TRIAGE stand for thinking, responsibility, intensity, activity, gain, and equity. These six outcomes have been effective when teaching in physical education. It all about student and teacher having to think, the intensity and equity the teacher creates, and teaching students how to be responsible for each activity they have participated
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It would take me some time to think and to have the correct content down. I found it would be somewhat difficult for me to plan activates or modifying games because I am not used to leading. I had the experience of leading when I was a captain on my soccer team. I would have to lead captain practice and come up with what drill or what to practice. I usually don’t trust myself when it comes to planning because I don’t know if my teammate would like it or not, is it too hard or too easy, and is it boring or fun, so I prefer to follow instant of leading. After all, I am still not used to it, and by the end of this class or school year, I hope to gain the confidence of teaching and leading students in a different activity and make it fun. I know that we as educators need to have some humor because that how we get to know our students and connect with them. It will take sometimes for me because we all are different and our teaching is all different and where all are at a different level when it comes to teaching different activity. Also, it would be a bit difficult to teach the student at different domain because students come from different backgrounds and they all have different characteristics. It going to be tough because as a physical educator I have to understand that not everyone feels comfortable doing certain things in class and I can’t force that upon my students. I will have to create a safe and comfortable environment for my students so he or she can participate in the activities. Every day is going to be difficult being a physical educator because I’m going to have students coming in with different mood each day and it going to make it harder for me to teach and achieve some goals that I have for the day to teach the rest of the

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