Using The Plasmid Vs. The Expression Of The Added Plasmid Essay example

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Addition of the Plasmid vs the Expression of the Added Plasmid
Introduction The earliest example of genetic engineering was performed by Gregor Mendel in 1865, when Mendel performed artificial selection on a population of pea plants in the monastery where he lived ( Once the technological advancements of the 20th century was introduced to the science field, genetic engineering took on a whole new light. Scientist could now transform organisms in ways that no one ever could. E. coli is the perfect test subject for this lab because, as stated by Pearson schools, “E. coli reproduce very rapidly; a single microscopic cell can divide to form a visible colony with millions of cells overnight. Like all bacteria, E. coli has no nuclear envelope surrounding the bacterial chromosome and thus no true nucleus. All of the genes required for basic survival and reproduction are found in the single chromosome.” ( Genetic engineering is much easier to perform when there is only a single cell that can easily be manipulated because the plasmid does not have to be transferred into every single cell of a multicelled organism. In this lab, the purpose was to perform transformation E. coli bacteria with a +pGlo gene to make the bacteria antibiotic resistance, have the ability to glow, and the switch to turn on and off the glowing gene. The independent gene for this lab was the addition of the plasmid into the E. coli…

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