Using The Bare Minimum Of Devices Essay

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Lit Review

In 1965, Gordon Moore predicted that technology would rapidly improve every 18 months, fast forward to 2016 and we have improved so well technologically that it has become something nobody could have ever predicted. We are living in a golden age of technology with innovations being discovered and produced every day. In 2016, we tend to make fun of technology that is only 10 years old because and can never imagine how we could possible survive with relying on such an old device.

If this is the case for modern day society then why is it acceptable to have such old technology in our state and federal prisons? If we are so technologically advanced then why are inmates and staff members reduced to using the bare minimum of devices? Imagine how much safer prisons would be if only they had the right technology to monitor inmates and suspicious activities. Try to picture a society in which we educated our inmates and release them back into society and they do not relapse. This would cut the cost of prisons, improve the economy because more people would be employed, and make it a safe environment. This and more is possible, but that is only if we are able to help educated prisons. To do even that, we would need modern technologies to do so.

Educational Programs

The best way to keep offenders from returning back to prison after being released is to educate them so they are able to go back into society ready to work. We are able to implement educational…

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