Essay about Using Technology Into The Classroom

1580 Words Sep 19th, 2015 null Page
Kinesthetic Learning You are sitting in a too-small desk as the teacher drones on about some useless subject that you care nothing about. Bright sterile lights shine in your eyes as you try not to fall asleep. You have been sitting in the same seat for almost two hours and are bored out of your mind. Students face this situation on a day-to-day bases. Students are not learning as much as they should, and teachers are frustrated at trying to keep their student’s attention. In the modern world where every student has a smartphone and alarmingly short attention spans, teachers often struggle to keep the class interested. This is not the teacher’s fault or even the student’s. Students learn differently than they did ten or even fifteen years ago, and the school system desperately needs to adapt.
The school system has begun to adapt by integrating technology into the classroom. This has begun to make a difference but may not be enough. Although the teacher may use a colorful presentation or video to teach the classroom, students still struggle to take notes, remember the material in order to do homework, and then memorize the material immediately before the test in order to do well. Many students cram the night before the test and still fail to get the grade they wanted. These students are then labeled under-achieving. This results in the administrators trying to get the teachers to teach more material in the same amount of time. Students are then overwhelmed and begin to…

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