Using Technology As An Aid Essay example

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These last few weeks in lab and lecture, we have worked on several different activities. These activities have helped us develop different technological skills and also explore new apps and websites that we could someday use in our classrooms. We have also addressed specific content that we will be teaching, and how to use technology as an aid. In lab, we explored Scratch, and Scratch Jr. These are websites constructed to teach coding. We explored Scratch Jr. in order to understanding coding a little better. After about fifteen minutes of exploration, we moved onto Scratch. On Scratch, we created a card complete with animated characters and sound we also created a game. These new coding tools were challenging for me at first, because I have never coded before. When creating the game sometimes there would be one small error in a long list of coding. To find the error you truly had to understand what each code meant in the game. In lab, we also explored Math iPad apps; personally, I explored the app Base Ten Blocks. We played around on these apps and evaluated their mathematical value in a classroom. We discussed specific math content that we will be teaching in different grades, and how these apps could aid in their teaching.
Another activity that we did in lab was creating math content videos using Explain Everything. Explain Everything is an app that helps people create videos using many tools, such as audio, drawing tools, shape tools, laser pointers, text,…

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