Essay on Using Survey And Interview Methods

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From the above mentioned data collection methods we will be using survey and interview method due to time limit. We will be conducting interviews and surveys with the associates of different departments and will be covering different areas as mentioned in below table.
Once the data is collected the next step is analysis the data that is collected through floor walk, interviews and surveys. Analyzing the condition like if the wastage level is high, then what is the actual wastage rate of the operations in the occupational method? If the stock level is shown high then what does the stock level time series recommend us about the changing aspects of this problem? And many of the problems will be highlighted in the interviews and in the survey.
In analysis stage the development opportunities are identified. Most importance is given to calculating the economic profits that will be gained by taking specific actions. Finally each development opportunities are valued in terms of budget, time and advantage.
The final step is the feedback presentation to management. This is the most important phase for the target company, as the aim is to understand the main limitations of the supply chain and the action strategy to resolve the most significant poor practices. During this phase the development opportunities, constraints are discussed and the answer are given to the limitation which were identified and future plans are contracted. It is also necessary to outline whether the audit team…

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