Using State Assessments For Teaching English Language Learners

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John Luster’s article Using state assessments for teaching English language learners focuses on the English Language Learners (ELLs) in higher grades such as middle school and high school. In this article Luster talks about how unprepared teachers are to teach those ELL students. Luster states “most studies of ELLs have found that many teachers are underprepared to design and adapt lessons and assignments to make academic content comprehensible to ELLs. Few teachers are prepared…to teach initial literacy or content area literacy to secondary ELLs. The result [being] schools have continued to create a permanent segregated under-class of students who speak a primary language other than English.” (Luster (2012) pp.2) Luster uses many different references to gather his data. Also as far as I can tell his information is accurate. Luster is able to make his point through the use of different examples and explanations and through the use of his resources.
This article helps understand the importance in testing ELLs for placement in different stages of education. In his findings he added that ELLs make up about 42 percent of students in public schools. (Luster, pp. 2) I agree with him in that it is important for teachers to be aware of the different ways they can help their ELL students. Also that teachers need training in ways to “incorporate both language and content objectives into their lessons to promote academic literacy” (Luster pp. 4) Using the different available resources…

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