Using Sei Strategies In A Sip Lesson Plan 1

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Now that the chart is done and we have gone over what is on the chart as a class have them that now they will label the different parts of the dragonfly and then when done have them write a sentence about 1 important fact that they have learned about the dragonfly. Once everyone is done have them share their fact with the class and discuss why they think it is a important fact. Then together as a class we will label the body parts on the dragonfly on the chart on the board. Now that we have completed the chart and discussion about the dragonfly ask them what they have learned about the dragonfly. Another way that makes for good practice for this lesson is modeling. Through modeling the chart on the board show the students what they are suppose to be doing on their chart. This is a very helpful way to show them how they can be successful in completing a project. Many students need to have examples in front of them to show them what is required in a project

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