Using Scaffolding Techniques Of Literature Essay

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Frequently Used Scaffolding Techniques of Literature in Young Preschoolers Scaffolding is a term that appears frequently in the field of psychology. It is a term that is used to describe a form of teaching. According to Firestone, it is a technique in which teachers show their students how to find a solution to a problem. The teacher then “steps back” and allows for the student to try it on their own. This process is done to teach independence in problem solving onto the students (Firestone n.d.). Through the use of scaffolding, students are able to work on problems on their own, without having to necessarily “hold hands” with their instructor or teacher. It is especially useful in the area of literacy skills, which is essential as students continue to go through schooling. Scaffolding is worth examining in the field of psychology because it is useful to see the development in the growth and knowledge of a child. The results of scaffolding are worth examining as well in order to see what the most effective ways of teaching are. There are many different ways in which teachers or instructors can inform their students how to solve a problem. In other words, there are many different scaffolding techniques. Because of this, the question of “what is the most frequently used scaffolding technique?” arises. As stated by Susan D. Henderson, Joyce Many, H.P. Wellborn, and Joy Ward (2006), there are six main deviations of scaffolding; these deviations include of “modeling,…

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